New Roleplay Blogs Are (semi?) Ready!


I mean they’re not the fanciest nor the most creatively named, but I think they’re leagues better than my old ones. 

There are a few things I still haven’t put in yet, but I think I’ve spent enough time trying to get my rp shit together. 

So my old ones will NOT be deleted, because I think that my old roleplays can still be viewable despite how utterly bad they are. 




So there they are! Follow if you want and stuff. Roleplay mode: ON.

Please follow the new blogs if you want to see my roleplaying! As stated, these old ones will not be updated.


Ayano November 22 1994
Kido January 2 1996
Seto March 28 1996
Kano May 10 1996
Mary July 21 1872
Momo February 14 1996
Ene ??? 1993
Shintarou April 30 1994
Hibiya November 4 1999
Konoha December 24 1993
Hiyori March 3 2000
Shion June 18
Azami August 15
Kenjirou September 11 1973


do you ever notice how happier people seem without you and you just kind of


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Important for My RP Friends

I’m sorry for not updating whatsoever. I lost track. Like if I owe you a reply/starter/whatever. Please. 


Imagine Shintaro spilling soda all over himself and he has to take his jacket and shirt off and once he does you literally just marvel in all his shirtless glory because Shintaro is hot.


this is what a guys sleepover looks like

  • dudes checkin out girls on the computer
  • niggas playin xbox
  • that one guys thats taken
  • and a dude who jus feels like singing

i finally know