Blind { Open RP / Magic! Anon Induced }

This wasn’t good, not at all. 

Kano could deal with magic!anons forcing him into servitude, into dares, into dresses — but not into injuries. Especially injuring a sense that was so precious to him. 


Without any warning, the world began to blacken. Kano watched in horror as his ability to see, ironically, melted away. 

The gold in his eyes dulled into a boring gray color. 

Now, if he were Seto, or Mary, his eye power would be useless. But he didn’t need to see someone in order to deceive them. He’s so in control of his powers that even if he couldn’t see someone physically, he could still alter himself in their vision. The blond made it so that his eyes were still gold and cat-like, which was the only difference he had to make. He had to cover up his blindness somehow — although due to the active status of the Mekakushi Dan, it wouldn’t take long until someone found out. 

Stepping out of his room, he walked around, using his previous knowledge to lead him to the main door of the Mekakushi Dan. It was so weird to have a blackened vision, but he’d have to get used to it. The blond dashed out the door, but didn’t run too much in fear he’d trip over something he couldn’t detect. Instead, he just leaned on the street lamp, hoping no one would come talk to him. 

Of course, he was wrong.